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Kenwood Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton Inverter KES-1838S


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Kenwood Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton Inverter KES-1838S Specifications:

  • Brand: Kenwood
  • Model: KES-1838S
  • Capacity in Tons: 5 Ton
  • Fixed or Inverter: Inverter
  • Type: Wall Mount
  • Energy Efficient: Upto 75%
  • AC functionality: Heating & Cooling
  • Display: Hidden LED Display
  • Condenser: Gold Fin Condenser
  • Long Air Throw: Yes
  • Dimension Inverter: 5 Dimension Inverter
  • Voltage: 150V Compressor Start
  • Higher Efficiency Ratio: EER 4.0
  • Compressor: Tropical T3 Compressor
  • Bigger Indoor: Yes
  • Bigger Outdoor: Yes
  • 7 Star Rating: Yes
  • DC Inverter Compressor: Yes
  • Stabilizer: Not Required
  • Installation Kit: 100% Copper Installation Kit
  • Refrigerant Gas: R410A
  • Heat & Cool Function: Yes
  • Air Flow: 4D Air Flow
  • Low Voltage Startup: Yes
  • Turbo Cool Function: Yes
  • Long Distance Air Throw: Yes
  • WIFI Enabled: Yes
  • PCB Kit Warranty: 4 Years
  • Compressor Warranty: 10 Years

 240,000  275,800

In stock

Kenwood Split AC 1.5 Ton Inverter KES-1838S Price in Pakistan 2024

Introducing the Kenwood Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton Inverter KES-1838S, a top-notch cooling system that’s both super comfy and energy-efficient. This AC is all about using less power while keeping you cool and cozy.

No more sweating over high electricity bills! With this AC, you’ll save energy and the planet. Plus, it runs so quietly, you won’t even notice it’s there, giving you peace and quiet. And it looks sleek and stylish in any room!

Trust Kenwood to keep you cool without harming the environment. Upgrade to the Kenwood Split Air Conditioner Inverter KES-1838S for a cool, eco-friendly oasis in your home.

Why Kenwood 1838 eSmart is a Better Inverter AC in Pakistan

The Kenwood 1838 eSmart is considered one of the top inverter ACs in Pakistan for 2024-2025. Even now, it stands out due to its impressive specifications and features. While it may be a bit pricier compared to locally manufactured or Chinese inverter ACs, the performance of the Kenwood eSmart can rival brands like Daikin and O General, which are nearly twice its price.

Therefore, choosing the Kenwood eSmart is still a smart decision. In 2024, some of the main reasons to opt for the 1838 eSmart include its high EER Rating of 4.0, t3 compressor, full 5DC inverter AC, 1250m3h airflow volume, and its low power input, which results in maximum electricity savings.

Kenwood 1838s DC Inverter eSMART Plus

The Kenwood 1838s DC Inverter eSMART Plus is a real game-changer. It’s packed with cool features like advanced 4D airflow and smart connectivity. Even when the summer heat is at its worst, this inverter keeps its cool, delivering 75% efficiency for maximum cooling power.

T3 Compressor

Thanks to its T3 compressor with twin rotary technology, it can handle scorching temperatures up to 52°C, ensuring you get a refreshing breeze no matter how hot it gets outside.

Plus, the powerful T3 twin rotary compressor is built to thrive in hot weather. It adjusts its speed based on the temperature inside and outside your home, saving energy and keeping things quiet while it works its magic.

Control from Your Smartphone

Here’s the really cool part: With the Kenwood 1838s eSMART Plus DC Inverter, you can control everything from your smartphone. Adjust the temperature, switch modes, tweak the fan speed, or even turn it on remotely, all with a few taps on your phone.

Efficient in Power Fluctuation

The Kenwood 1838s eSMART Plus DC Inverter is built to handle situations where the voltage drops, protecting the machine from damage due to fluctuations in the power supply. It’s a good idea to use a stabilizer alongside it for added safety.

4D Airflow

This inverter uses advanced technology to both cool and heat your space. Its 4D airflow ensures that the air is spread out in all directions, rather than being focused on just one spot. This means your room gets cooled or heated quickly and evenly.

Turbo Cooling Mode

When you need rapid cooling, you can rely on the Turbo Cooling mode to get the job done fast. And with a 5-year compressor and 1-year parts warranty from Kenwood, you can trust in the durability and quality of the product.

Smart Connectivity with Android App

You can also control the DC Inverter directly from your smartphone using the AC FREEDOM app, whether you’re at home or far away. This gives you the convenience of turning the AC on or off and adjusting its settings from wherever you are.


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