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Boss Electric Geyser KE-50CL Supreme

  • Capacity: 50Ltr
  • Rated Power: 220v
  • Rated Voltage: 2000w
  • Current: 9.1A
  • Analogue Temperature Guage
  • 1-year warranty

 33,900  37,200

Boss Electric Geyser KE-50CL Supreme

Electric Heaters are a replacement for Gas Heaters because of gas shortages and longer running periods. Boss electric geyser KE-50CL is a swift water geyser that provides hot water instantly when required. Hence, a viable solution to Gas shortage and long runs.

Moreover, it is safer than using electric rods to dangerously heat water. There are high chances of getting electrocuted while doing the practice. Hence, it can save you a lot of hassle in the long run in terms of energy and safety.


With the capacity of a 50 Litre tank, they work on 220-240 Volt of Voltage and consume 2000 Watts of power. Although the power is massive it is a fast water geyser as it takes 15 minutes to give you hot water, but once switched on, you will get hot water all day. Thus, it can save energy in the long run as compared to gas water heaters that used to run all day long.


Canon Fast Electric Heater is safer to use because it is waterproof and there are minimal chances of anyone getting electrocuted as compared to water rods. Moreover, fitting it outside at a safe distance will keep you safe if something happens in terms of electric shock, leakage or fire.


The company claims a 1-year operational warranty that marks its durability and performance. Furthermore, it has an analog gauge to tell the temperature of the water. Hence, it is a wise decision in terms of energy, safety, and performance to rely on.



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