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Aux Split AC AXW-18PW Q-Smart Premium White 1.5 Ton


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Features :

  • Self-cleaning
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Super-ion Anti-Bacterial Filter
  • Intelligent Power Limit
  • Fluoride Leakage Protection
  • UV-Sterilization

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In stock

Material & Design

The Air-Conditioner panel is of high-quality that gives a glossy appearance with a smooth texture. It has anti-aging and anti-dusting qualities with quite a durable aesthetic feeling. So, enjoy coolness with a mirror-polished panel air-conditioner that will give a classy and attractive look to your room.


Antibacterial Filter

Silver-ion combined with sterilization and an anti-fungus rate of more than 99% is easily disassembled and easy to clean. It helps in improving the air quality by making it pure and breathable.

orks in All type of Weathers

It works great in all types of weather and a wide range of temperatures. Its performance remains stable at a high temperature of about 60 ℃ and at a low temperature of about -20°C. It also has an anti-dead wind design. Hence, the controller performs stably in whatever the outside weather is, whether it’s too hot or too cold.

Maintaining 90% cooling capacity

The unit’s cooling performance with drastically decrease under extreme conditions of heat, maintaining only 90% of its specified cooling capacity. It will not properly absorb the heat and there will be low cooling capacity loss.

Track Fluoride leaks & protect

It can track Fluoride leaks and protect against them. When a fluoride leak occurs, the control system will promptly shut down to prevent damage to crucial components like compressors.

Freon recycling mode

When operating a heating system in the winter season, the mandatory Freon recycling mode is appropriate for recycling the refrigerant under low air pressure.


Aux Split AC

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